You are my soul. You are my sunshine

… but Tegoshi got them well trained. (⌒_⌒;)

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Matthew Gray Gubler accepts the ALS Ice Bucket challenge!



she. smacked. his. butt.

and. in. response. he. kissed. her. cheek.

'I'll let you stay…but only because of the hot one



1) Being an idol is not about just being handsome
2) Friendship is the most important thing in the world
3) It’s okay to do embarrassing and stupid things to make people happy
4) Never give up on your dreams
5) Concert goods, buying their merchandise or attending their concert is not the basis of being a fan

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Happy 15th Anniversary to the best group in the world! Wow! 15 years! Not many idols could do that. Thank you for hanging on for all these years. I know it was tough on all of you but instead of giving up, you made everything seems so fun. Seeing you working hard up until now, it made me challenged too. Because I met you, I have the passion to strive on in life. You may not know this but I am who I am right now because of you. Because I wanted to see you someday. I couldn’t thank you enough for all you have done to me but still, thank you for everything. Being an Arashi-fan is and will always be my best decision in life. I will always support you. Congatulations and keep the rainbow shining! :D #5x15

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At the beginning, you had no associations with each other
but then you met, became close, and created an incredible group.
You gave me many ends and beginnings but I know
'arashi' is still starting, and it won't ever end for me.
Happy 15th anniversary!
Happy born day, 嵐!
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I would rather have ashton Irwin in between my legs than a thigh gap